35 Awesome DIY Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat

26 Starburst Rock Cycle

Starburst Rock Cycle26. Starburst Rock Cycle: During our project study on rocks, we explored a hands on experiment with the rock cycle for kids. Easy, fun, and yummy. A simple experiment you must try. (via Lemon Lime Adventures)

27 Fizzing Lemonade

Fizzing Lemonade27. Fizzing Lemonade: A play based learning blog full of activities and ideas for kids (via Learn with Play at Home)

28 Popcorn on a Cob

Popcorn on a Cob28. Popcorn on a Cob: How to Make Popcorn on a Cob This post contains affiliate links. This is a fun activity in the fall months when dry corncobs are abundant. We recently visited a local farm and after actually milling dried corn into animal feed they sent home with organic cobs of dried corn to make into popcorn. Did you (via TinkerLab)

29 Mad Scientist Potion

Mad Scientist Potion29. Mad Scientist Potion: This mad scientist potion is perfect for a spooky party! (via Our Best Bites)

30 Solar S’mores Snack

Solar S’mores Snack30. Solar S’mores Snack (via Motherhood on a Dime)

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