35 Awesome DIY Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat

11 Edible Water Bottle or Bubble

Edible Water Bottle or Bubble11. Edible Water Bottle or Bubble: Inhabitat’s DIY video showing how to make an edible water “bottle” using spherification. (via inhabitat)

12 Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

Edible Butterfly Life Cycle12. Edible Butterfly Life Cycle: Sometimes things don’t goes as planned, and that was definitely the case with our homeschool science plans for this past school year. My original plan was to do the Apologia Botany course. Well, we ended up moving right at the beginning of our school year, so science got put on the back burner. Plus I (via My Joy-Filled Life)

13 Magic Mud from a Potato

Magic Mud from a Potato13. Magic Mud from a Potato (via Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”)

14 Deliciously Study the Phases of the Moon

Deliciously Study the Phases of the Moon14. Deliciously Study the Phases of the Moon (via 4th Grade Frolics)

15 Shadow Tracing with Grape Sculptures

Shadow Tracing with Grape Sculptures15. Shadow Tracing with Grape Sculptures: Shadow tracing is such a simple and engaging art activity for kids! Here we combined (edible!) grape sculptures with a shadow tracing art activity. So fun! (via The Artful Parent)

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