35 Cleaning Hacks that Will Forever Change How You Clean Your House

21 How to Clean Dryer Ducts

How to Clean Dryer Ducts21. How to Clean Dryer Ducts: Once the weather turns cold and the heat kicks on, your home starts to get dry and static electricity arrives once again. This minor nuisance that causes siblings to shock each other for fun can actually be dangerous if it ignites lint that has built up in or around your dryer. Why you should clean (via Pretty Handy Girl)

22 Use Salt as Homemade Drain Cleaner

Use Salt as Homemade Drain Cleaner22. Use Salt as Homemade Drain Cleaner: More hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time. (via Real Simple)

23 Easily Clean an Electric Grill

Easily Clean an Electric Grill23. Easily Clean an Electric Grill: The day I discovered electric grills changed my life forever, mostly because I love melty cheese sandwiches. As soon as I discovered my undying love for them, I also found that I absolutely loathe cleaning them. I would rather clean an entire sink of dishes than have to wash an electric grill. I die. However, since I […] (via Angela Says)

24 Clean Carpet Stains with an Iron and Vinegar

Clean Carpet Stains with an Iron and Vinegar24. Clean Carpet Stains with an Iron and Vinegar: Another Pinterest win! I’m always out to debunk supposedly easy pinterest tips, and I’m pleased as punch when one turns out to work as simply as they said! Here’s a REALLY easy way to get stains out of your carpet. This works for organic stains like dirt and food. Be careful if you’re trying this (via Homemaker Chic)

25 Dryer Sheet Cleaners

Dryer Sheet Cleaners25. Dryer Sheet Cleaners: Here are 10 Ways to Reuse your Dryer sheets including taking off old nail polish, cleaning chrome and more. (via Happy Money Saver)

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