35 Things You Can Make With a Cardboard Box That Will Amaze Your Kids

1 Transformers Soundwave Costume

Transformers Soundwave Costume1. Transformers Soundwave Costume: First off, I need to thank my wife for being patient with me as I transformed our apartment into an utter mess of cardboard pieces, stinking it up wit… (via Instructables)

2 Collapsible Playhouse

Collapsible Playhouse2. Collapsible Playhouse: This DIY cardboard playhouse was created especially with small spaces in mind: when the kids tire of it, the playhouse collapses flat for easy storage! (via She Knows)

3 Cat Playhouse

Cat Playhouse3. Cat Playhouse: View Martha Stewart’s How to Make a Cardboard Cat Playhouse collection. Get dog breed information, pet care advice, grooming tips, and cute pictures of cats, dogs and more. (via Martha Stewart)

4 Cardboard Playhouses

Cardboard Playhouses4. Cardboard Playhouses: Over the last few months I’ve found myself pinning various styles of cardboard houses on Pinterest. I’ve been wanting to make one, so when my daughter’s 2nd birthday party was coming up, I knew this was the perfect opportunity. Baby/toddler birthday parties always feel a little tricky for me. They can’t really play organized games yet, and January is too bitter cold in our area to play outside. These houses… (via A Beautiful Mess)

5 An Airplane

An Airplane5. An Airplane (via Small Fry)

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