35 Cool Products that Will Help You to Get the Job Done

6 Sausage Dog Ruler

Sausage Dog Ruler6. Sausage Dog Ruler: We just love this cute sausage dog shaped wooden ruler! It’s printed on one side with measurements in centimetres from 1 to 20 and will easily measure up to anyone’s stationery collection. (via Paperchase)

7 Cloud Slicer

Cloud Slicer7. Cloud Slicer: Easy and functional to cook! This is just the description of the Cloud Slicer. It will help you to cut your vegetables and prepare the healthiest meals ever. Content: 1 vegetable slicer Material: Stainless Steel + ABSDimensions: 10,5×20,5×1 cm (via doiy)

8 Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker8. Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker: Wherever there’s a bare scoop of ice cream, a delicious wobbly trifle or a freshly baked cupcake – the mighty Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker is never far away, ready to dispense a magical rainbow of sprinkles from it’s shapely backside. (via Firebox)

9 Snoopy Waffle Maker

Snoopy Waffle Maker9. Snoopy Waffle Maker: Classic waffle maker updated with Peanuts-themed shapes! Content + Care- Metal, plastic – Wipe clean – Imported (via Urban Outfitters)

10 Deep Tea Diver Infuser

Deep Tea Diver Infuser10. Deep Tea Diver Infuser: Discover wondrous new levels of flavor and breathtaking aromatic nuances by warming up after a swim with this tea infuser by Kikkerland! A charming addition to your nautical apartment decor, this adorable explorer features a metallic dive suit with a fleet of small holes, which invite warm water to swirl around your signature loose-leaf tea. Just plunge this petite accessory into your wave-printed mug, allow it to drift about for the allotted time, then hoist it onto the coordinating silver tray as you enjoy a sip! With a tea infuser this sturdy and swell docked on your counter, you’ve always got ‘maritime’ for another cup or two. (via ModCloth)

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