35 Cool Products that Will Help You to Get the Job Done

26 Partly Cheesy

Partly Cheesy26. Partly Cheesy: Stainless steel cheese grater (via DCI Gift)

27 Animal Army Knife

Animal Army Knife27. Animal Army Knife: Millions of years of evolution has resulted in certain animals being naturally well-equipped for performing highly technical tasks. For example, the river-dwelling Rhino is renowned for its bottle-opening prowess, the humble Hippo is… (via Firebox)

28 Zip & Flip Whale Travel Pillow

Zip & Flip Whale Travel Pillow28. Zip & Flip Whale Travel Pillow (via Bed Bath and Beyond)

29 Babushka Tea Infuser

Babushka Tea Infuser29. Babushka Tea Infuser: 4 pcs x 3 colors: Blue, Green, & Red. Each piece includes Babuska, mesh basket, and holder. Handwash only, do not use in microwave. (via DCI Gift)

30 Supershelf Floating Bookshelf

Supershelf Floating Bookshelf30. Supershelf Floating Bookshelf: Special bookshelf that gives a feeling it is floating in the air and the superhero character seems to easily stop the books from falling. (via Animi Causa)

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