35 Cool Products that Will Help You to Get the Job Done

1 Alpaca a Punch Measuring Cups

Alpaca a Punch Measuring Cups1. Alpaca a Punch Measuring Cups: Time to whip up your most exciting treat yet with these printed measuring cups! In hues of black, white, and grey, each stackable ceramic cup stars an alpaca with an amusingly long neck in the clouds, serving up a sizable portion of panache that aims to enliven even your most spiced-up recipe. (via ModCloth)

2 Dalmatian Stapler

Dalmatian Stapler2. Dalmatian Stapler: Dalmatian Stapler (via Anthropologie)

3 Fancy Skewers

Fancy Skewers3. Fancy Skewers: Toasting Skewer”Extends to 27″ (via DCI Gift)

4 Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons

Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons4. Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons: Scoop a little sunshine into your next baking extravaganza with this downright adorable set of four measuring spoons from One Hundred 80 Degrees. This solid ceramic set features a unique, blue and white striped pot base, which holds four colorful measuring spoons masked as adorable flowers. Ranging in size from 1/4 teaspoon to one tablespoon, this foursome will cultivate a cheery disposition, whether you’re baking cupcakes or cooking your savory specialty. Adorn your home or apartment kitchen’s decor with this picturesque, functional measuring set,and it will surely grow to be one of your favorite tools ever! (via ModCloth)

5 Baby Mop

Baby Mop5. Baby Mop: Transform your aimless crawling baby into a cleaning machine with the power of this soft and cosy onesie. (via Firebox)

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