35 Cool Products that Will Help You to Get the Job Done

11 Lightmark

Lightmark11. Lightmark: A lamp shaped bookmark will give your books a bright and enlightening look. (via Animi Causa)

12 Silicone Critter Keyboard

Silicone Critter Keyboard12. Silicone Critter Keyboard: Enlist the help of a couple of animal critter friends to clean up your keyboard! Made from silicone rubber, their slender grippy feet and bodies will gr… (via Walker Shop)

13 Kipik Toothpick Holder

Kipik Toothpick Holder13. Kipik Toothpick Holder (via MoMA Store)

14 Heart Headphone Splitter

Heart Headphone Splitter14. Heart Headphone Splitter: Two-way headphone splitter – just put the aux cord in the device you want to listen to + plug your headphones into one of the dual aux inputs. Great for watching movies + TV with friends on any device with an aux port. Available in Pink or Red, we’ll pick for you. Content + Care- Plastic, metal- Wipe clean- Imported (via Urban Outfitters)

15 City Water Self Waterer

City Water Self Waterer15. City Water Self Waterer: Plan ahead. Fill City Water with 4oz of H20 and your plant will be ready for upcoming dry spells. This urban industrial water tower slowly and effectively drains into the soil as needed. And, the frosted glass tank makes it easy to know when your water is low! City Water and is made of durable borosilicate glass supported by a powder-coated steel frame. Fred & Friends (via Fred and Friends)

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