35 Creative Containers that Will Make You Want to Organize

6 Star Cluster Jewelry Box

Star Cluster Jewelry Box6. Star Cluster Jewelry Box: Star Cluster Jewelry Box (via Anthropologie)

7 Cypress Bowl

Cypress Bowl7. Cypress Bowl: The wood grain design of our Versatile Cypress Bowl makes it the perfect living room accent. It can also be used for storage to keep your random knick knacks organized and out of sight. (via Dot and Bo)

8 This space-saving jewelry box

This space-saving jewelry box8. This space-saving jewelry box: Your growing accessory collection won’t clutter the space on your vanity as long as this sleek jewelry box sits beside the mirror! An elegantly unassuming design crafted from bamboo, this chic cube blooms into three square shelves after lifting its lid. Joined by hinges at each seam, its tiered trays cradle your most cherished pieces with a soft, black lining. Whether its crisp silhouette conceals your eclectic array or you have it unfurled while you get ready for an event, this cool case makes a marvelous addition in your minimal abode! (via ModCloth)

9 These gorgeous glass keepsakes

These gorgeous glass keepsakes9. These gorgeous glass keepsakes (via Iittala)

10 Silicone Vessel with Lid

Silicone Vessel with Lid10. Silicone Vessel with Lid: Silicone Vessel with Lid (via Finell)

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