35 Creative Containers that Will Make You Want to Organize

11 Hide-it storage jar

Hide-it storage jar11. Hide-it storage jar (via Scandinavian Design Center)

12 Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box12. Keepsake Box: There’s no such thing as too haute when it comes to decorating with these three wooden boxes! Lightweight, light in color, and each painted with a pretty blue pattern on its lid, these nesting boxes bring locks of loveliness to your fairy tale dwelling. (via ModCloth)

13 Marble and Wood Box

Marble and Wood Box13. Marble and Wood Box: 29.99 SALE PRICE! Its simple design and sturdy construction make the Marble & Wood Box a functional accessory for any traditionally styled home. The box meas… (via Save on Crafts)

14 Unique and versatile silicone container

Unique and versatile silicone container14. Unique and versatile silicone container: Silicone Vessel with Lid (via Finell)

15 Apple Box

Apple Box15. Apple Box (via ALEERJIDESIGN)

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