35 Creative DIY Photo Collage Display Ideas

1 Memory Wall Collage

Memory Wall Collage1. Memory Wall Collage: Welcome to our kitchen! We’ve spent a lot of time in this room during our first year of marriage! We painted our cabinets with chalkboard paint for easy message writing and menu updates. I finally found a good place to store my gigantic vintage thermos collection, above the kitchen cabinets. Jeremy uses them all the time to take coffee to work. The menus above are from a recent dinner party!… (via A Beautiful Mess)

2 Mood Board

Mood Board2. Mood Board: With an overwhelming amount of inspiration coming at you all the time, mood boards are the perfect way to hone in on a specific feel, and display snippets of inspiration. (via The Anastasia Co.)

3 Embroidery Hoop Photo Display

Embroidery Hoop Photo Display3. Embroidery Hoop Photo Display: I have been neglecting my children.No, no, they get food and shelter and all that good stuff.Neglecting them in the art of displaying their pictures in frames kind of way.I am really good at taking pictures.I am really good at processing pi (via Natalme)

4 Beeswax Cluster

Beeswax Cluster4. Beeswax Cluster: My name is Heather Gilson and I am a boutique style photographer who enjoys capturing fun playful weddings! My husband Jon Almeda is an amazing artist and photographer and we make a wonderful team shooting weddings together. Our images are unique because they combine the style and sensibility of today’s generation with yesterday’s vintage look and feel. (via One Love Photo)

5 On Canvas

On Canvas5. On Canvas: Ever since Keller lived in the corner of our bedroom in our apartment, I promised him I would get him a “man cave”. He told me he needed a place where he could find peace and solace…away from th… (via Annapolis and Company)

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