35 Creative DIY Photo Collage Display Ideas

21 Heart Collage

Heart Collage21. Heart Collage (via Made By Girl)

22 Instant-Retro

Instant-Retro22. Instant-Retro: Gone are the days of the simple photo album. Thanks to the rise of digital photography, we have many more creative ways for displaying our travel photographs. Check out these five inspirations for printing, framing, binding and blowing up your favorites photos. (via Apartment Therapy)

23 Polaroid-like Collage of Pictures on a Hanger

Polaroid-like Collage of Pictures on a Hanger23. Polaroid-like Collage of Pictures on a Hanger (via Simple Stylings)

24 Instagram Wall Hanging

Instagram Wall Hanging24. Instagram Wall Hanging: Who doesn’t love Instagram? It is all pictures, brought together, telling a story about someone, about you. And I so totally want it in my home. The idea of Instagram wall display has been luring m… (via Tinker In Me)

25 Wall String Polaroid Collage

Wall String Polaroid Collage25. Wall String Polaroid Collage: xxxxx (via Makeup By Holly Mei)

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