35 Creative DIY Photo Collage Display Ideas

26 Wood Pallet Photo Display

Wood Pallet Photo Display26. Wood Pallet Photo Display: Turn a wood pallet into a darling photo display with just a few supplies, and enjoy all of your favorite photos in one space! (via simplykierste.com)

27 Photo Lampshades

Photo Lampshades27. Photo Lampshades: This is a post from 2010. I do not take custom orders, only the tutorial is available. The lamps have held up wonderfully.As many of you requested, Marie is sharing a little tutorial here on how she made her lampshades. When she made them she was not planning on doing a (via Under the Sycamore)

28 Gallery Style in Hallways

Gallery Style in Hallways28. Gallery Style in Hallways: The first time we heard the debate over displaying family photos, it struck us as a bit odd. We all have families, childhood memories, people we love, so why not have pictures of them in our home. But then we thought about homes where family photos are so much the focus, that it becomes a little awkward. You know, where nearly every wall bares photos of the couple kissing or a new baby posed in various cutesy outfits. Lately we’ve been on the look out for interesting and beautiful ideas for balancing sentiment and style when it comes to hanging family photos. Here are a few of our finds… (via Apartment Therapy)

29 Heart Mini Photo Collage

Heart Mini Photo Collage29. Heart Mini Photo Collage: Create your own DIY heart shaped collage with mini-prints from instagram or your computer! (via Fresh Mommy Blog)

30 Photo Collage Letters

Photo Collage Letters30. Photo Collage Letters: A blog featuring the art of everyday; re-imagining materials and transforming them into functional products, DIY projects, handmade finds, and modern living. (via alamode Stuff)

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