35 Creative DIY Photo Collage Display Ideas

31 Instax Photo Wall

Instax Photo Wall31. Instax Photo Wall: I am horrible about printing and displaying pictures. I take thousands of pictures, and I’ve only had a fraction of them printed. I still haven’t framed any of my wedding pics, and the only framed picture I have of Jude is in the kitchen. Yep, it’s bad. It’s on my… (via Small and Friendly)

32 Photo Collage Star

Photo Collage Star32. Photo Collage Star (via Scraps and Scribbles)

33 Picture Collage Coffee Table

Picture Collage Coffee Table33. Picture Collage Coffee Table (via One Mom with a Mission)

34 Driftwood Photo Display

Driftwood Photo Display34. Driftwood Photo Display: By the South Coast of Norway, where I live, there is a lot of driftwood to be found along the shore. One thing you can (via Morning Creativity)

35 Instagram Collage Prints

Instagram Collage Prints35. Instagram Collage Prints (via make bake and love)

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