35 Creative Toddler Crafts to Keep Little Hands Busy

16 Make a Lantern

Make a Lantern16. Make a Lantern: Today I’m joined by Arts Educator extraordinaire, Amanda Gross, who’s back to show us how to make a Fall Luminary from leaves and melted crayons. Not only are these beautiful, but the processes of collecting leaves, peeling crayons, and melting the wax with an iron are sure to capture a child’s attention. Make a Lantern! (via TinkerLab)

17 Easy Stained Glass Window Hanging

Easy Stained Glass Window Hanging17. Easy Stained Glass Window Hanging: Brighten any room with this vibrant, faux-stained-glass window hanging. With the help of a repurposed clear plastic lid, your child can craft a miniature, colorful panel that the whole family will love or even make several for a really special (via Popsugar)

18 Paint Coffee Filter Suncatchers

Paint Coffee Filter Suncatchers18. Paint Coffee Filter Suncatchers: Lots of fall craft ideas. This simple idea is to paint coffee filters with watercolor paints encourages children to be inventive and express their own ideas. (via TinkerLab)

19 Melted Bead Free Form Hearts

Melted Bead Free Form Hearts19. Melted Bead Free Form Hearts: We’ve been experimenting like crazy with melted bead suncatchers lately. First Maia’s spiral, then our free form lovelies, then these heart suncatchers this weekend (as well as a few other super cool melted bead ideas Ill share later this week). These heart suncatchers would make amazing Valentines Day gifts, but of course hearts are great…Read More (via Artful Parent)

20 Colorful Fun With Golf Balls

Colorful Fun With Golf Balls20. Colorful Fun With Golf Balls: Here’s a fun art activity that is perfect for any little one. With the help of a golf ball and a few splashes of colorful paint, your child can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece of unique, zigzag painted lines.Along with being lots of fun, this (via Popsugar)

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