35 Creative Toddler Crafts to Keep Little Hands Busy

26 Edible Finger Paint

Edible Finger Paint26. Edible Finger Paint: Learning about colors sure isn’t boring with this fun experiment! Take finger painting to the next level by whipping up edible finger paints with your child. Along with being safe for little tots, edible finger paints are a wonderful way to introduce (via Popsugar)

27 Ocean Diorama

Ocean Diorama27. Ocean Diorama: Conceiving a diorama is an adventure in scale and spatial relationships. Choose a container, then put yourself in the shoes of one of its future inhabitants. (via Martha Stewart)

28 Sticker Paint Creation

Sticker Paint Creation28. Sticker Paint Creation: Finger painting is tons of fun for lil ones, so take things to the next level with the help of a few puffy stickers. Along with honing fine motor skills, finger painting introduces your tot to color and what happens when they mix together. Adding puffy (via Popsugar)

29 Comb Painted Rainbows

Comb Painted Rainbows29. Comb Painted Rainbows: Rainbows make people happy even if they don’t look exactly like a rainbow. This simple art project was easy to set up and my daughter and I had fun painting rainbows using combs instead of paint brushes. It was the perfect short little craft to reconnect with her after returning home from a weekend away. (via No Time for Flash Cards)

30 Bubble Paint Project for Kids

Bubble Paint Project for Kids30. Bubble Paint Project for Kids: This time it’s OK for your child to blow bubbles in her drink! With only a few ingredients you probably already have around the house, your lil one will make beautiful and dreamy bubble prints that turn into great book covers, handmade cards, or (via Popsugar)

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