35 Insanely Cool Projects For Kids Even Adults Want To Try

1 Nebula Jar

Nebula Jar1. Nebula Jar: Create a Nebula Jar Instructions, easy way to create a galaxy and all its wonder in your hands, use tutorial to make Nebula necklaces and other crafts (via MomDot)

2 Mini Drop Spindle

Mini Drop Spindle2. Mini Drop Spindle: MAKE A MINI DROP SPINDLE FOR KIDS (via hello, Wonderful)

3 Erupting Ice Chalk Paint

Erupting Ice Chalk Paint3. Erupting Ice Chalk Paint (via Learn Play Imagine)

4 Ice Volcanoes

Ice Volcanoes4. Ice Volcanoes: Ice volcanoes are easy to make and a fun science and play activity for kids of any age. (via Reading Confetti)

5 Fairy Jar

Fairy Jar5. Fairy Jar: DIY fairy jar, custom how to create a fairy jar and capture a sparkling fairy, perfect craft for little girls, weddings, and Halloween (via MomDot)

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