35 DIY Hacks to Repurpose Ordinary Furniture into Something Extraordinary

21 Lockers Made From Old Bookshelf

Lockers Made From Old Bookshelf21. Lockers Made From Old Bookshelf: Do you have an old bookshelf you aren’t using anymore? Check out these lockers made from old bookshelf idea. (via My Creative Days)

22 Mini Office in a Chest

Mini Office in a Chest22. Mini Office in a Chest (via Martha Stewart)

23 Bookshelf to Padded Bench

Bookshelf to Padded Bench23. Bookshelf to Padded Bench: *Tutorial by Kim @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me for her win for the Thrift Store challenge of season 11* I’m extremely excited to share a tutorial with you again! My thrift store project is fairly easy and straightforward which is one of the things I like about it. Pretty much anyone could do [] (via So You Think You’re Crafty)

24 Old TV Console to Dog Bed

Old TV Console to Dog Bed24. Old TV Console to Dog Bed (via Furniture Flippin’)

25 Desk to Nightstand

Desk to Nightstand25. Desk to Nightstand: You can be jealous my nightstands are amazing!! And I’m here with a quick tutorial for you of how to make nightstands from a desk. You see the pop of color they bring to that whole wall (um, just ignore that the pillow isn’t really sewn its just fabric wrapped around some other (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

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