35 DIY Hacks to Repurpose Ordinary Furniture into Something Extraordinary

6 Closet Doors to Bookcase

Closet Doors to Bookcase6. Closet Doors to Bookcase: Bi-fold doors are easily found at ReStores at a great price. I used 2 to make this bi-fold door bookshelf. Easy weekend project using bi-fold doors. (via My Repurposed Life™)

7 Old Door to Picture Frames

Old Door to Picture Frames7. Old Door to Picture Frames (via Photog Mommie)

8 Turn an Entertainment Center into a TV Console Table

Turn an Entertainment Center into a TV Console Table8. Turn an Entertainment Center into a TV Console Table: Furniture styles are always changing, but one big style that has changed in the last ten or so years is entertainment centers. With the invention of the thinner flat screen TVs, those deep entertainment centers aren’t necessary anymore something much thinner will work, or you can even hang your TV on the wall (and (via Remodelaholic)

9 Rustic Cooler

Rustic Cooler9. Rustic Cooler: How to build a rustic patio cooler from reclaimed materials (via Killer b. Designs)

10 Piano Bookcase

Piano Bookcase10. Piano Bookcase: Ok, I blame this one on my mother. She saw somewhere online this idea of taking an old piano and creating a bookshelf. She sent that idea to my wife, … (via Instructables)

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