35 DIY Hacks to Repurpose Ordinary Furniture into Something Extraordinary

11 Toddler Loft Bed Out of an Old Crib

Toddler Loft Bed Out of an Old Crib11. Toddler Loft Bed Out of an Old Crib: A simple 10 step tutorial for transforming your old crib into a new toddler loft bed for your little one. (via Adriel Booker)

12 Ladder Towel Rack

Ladder Towel Rack12. Ladder Towel Rack: Welcome to my master bathroom! Would you believe Ive never built a post on this room? I mean, as in a before and after? Truth be told, the shower area isn’t finished yet so I was going to wait. That would have taken another 10 years, so here it is just the way it is. (via Funky Junk Interiors)

13 Wrapping Paper Organizer

Wrapping Paper Organizer13. Wrapping Paper Organizer (via 2 Little Hooligans)

14 Hanging Chair Closet Organizer

Hanging Chair Closet Organizer14. Hanging Chair Closet Organizer (via Yi Cong Lu)

15 Old Door Bed Headboard

Old Door Bed Headboard15. Old Door Bed Headboard: A few weeks back, on our date night, we spotted an old wooden door curbside. The supportive husband that Tim is, he stopped to feed my Roadkill Rescue addiction curiosity. The door was solid wo… (via Infarrantly Creative)

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