35 DIY No-Sew Accessories Project Ideas and Tutorials

11 Braided Shoelaces

Braided Shoelaces11. Braided Shoelaces: Should your kids want a break, one of these days, from making friendship bracelets (and anklets and necklaces and…), get them to outfit everyone’s sneakers with cheery laces. (via Martha Stewart)

12 Wire Bow Ring

Wire Bow Ring12. Wire Bow Ring (via I SPY DIY)

13 Braided Leather-Lace Belt Craft

Braided Leather-Lace Belt Craft13. Braided Leather-Lace Belt Craft: For this hip-slung sash, we used 20 1/3 yards of leather cord, cut into 3 equal pieces. This will make an 84-inch-long belt; size up or down accordingly. (via Martha Stewart)

14 Triangle Necklace

Triangle Necklace14. Triangle Necklace (via creative index)

15 No Sew Fabric Flower

No Sew Fabric Flower15. No Sew Fabric Flower (via Ruffles and Stuff)

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