35 DIY No-Sew Accessories Project Ideas and Tutorials

6 Knotted Headband

Knotted Headband6. Knotted Headband (via You Seriously Made That)

7 Hard Flower Barrettes

Hard Flower Barrettes7. Hard Flower Barrettes: Morgan Levine, editorial assistant in the holidays and crafts departments of Martha Stewart Living, makes flower barrettes. (via Martha Stewart)

8 Heart Tote with Leather Straps

Heart Tote with Leather Straps8. Heart Tote with Leather Straps: I have another blank canvas tutorial for you guys today! This is a series all about decorating a plain canvas tote in lots of fun ways. We’ve made a pool tote, neon polka dot tote, a book tote, and an image transfer tote. I saved one of my very favorites (and a super easy one) (via Say Yes)

9 Woven Chain Bracelet

Woven Chain Bracelet9. Woven Chain Bracelet: Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there. We adore Aurlie Bidermann’s Do Brazil bracelets and thought it was about time we graduate to the ultimate (via Honestly…WTF)

10 No Sew Vest

No Sew Vest10. No Sew Vest (via WobiSobi)

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