35 DIY No-Sew Accessories Project Ideas and Tutorials

31 Curtain Ring Statement Necklace

Curtain Ring Statement Necklace31. Curtain Ring Statement Necklace: This DIY project features something that you can find in (almost) every thrift store: wooden curtain rings. I always see a lot of them when I visit thrift stores so today I decided to finally make (via By Wilma)

32 Flower Girl Headband

Flower Girl Headband32. Flower Girl Headband: Handmade flower headbands for your flower girl that won’t wilt by the reception. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

33 Ribbon Barrettes

Ribbon Barrettes33. Ribbon Barrettes: With a minimum of materials and only a few simple steps, you can fashion an attractive barrette from a metal hair clip. (via Martha Stewart)

34 No Sew T-Shirt Vest

No Sew T-Shirt Vest34. No Sew T-Shirt Vest (via WobiSobi)

35 Leather Belt

Leather Belt35. Leather Belt: This fashionable leather belt achieves the look of a very expensive one — for a fraction of the cost. (via Martha Stewart)

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