35 DIY No-Sew Accessories Project Ideas and Tutorials

21 Glitter Bow Necklace

Glitter Bow Necklace21. Glitter Bow Necklace: This morning I showed you how to make a no-sew leather bow necklace, which was in a bronze leather. My daughter caught site of it and she HAD TO HAVE ONE, but of course she required sparkles for he (via Pretty Prudent)

22 No-Sew Drawstring Purse

No-Sew Drawstring Purse22. No-Sew Drawstring Purse: This sweet drawstring purse makes a great bridesmaid gift; it’s also the perfect size for bridal essentials — tissues, lipstick, vows. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

23 Monogram Coin Purse

Monogram Coin Purse23. Monogram Coin Purse (via Little Green Notebook)

24 Swimsuits: Snip, twist, wrap, and knot

Swimsuits: Snip, twist, wrap, and knot24. Swimsuits: Snip, twist, wrap, and knot: Snip, twist, wrap, and knot. That’s all that separates you from a new poolside outfit. Blueprint fashion editor Katie Hatch says, “I know what you’re thinking: Why make a bathing suit? And my answer: It costs less than $20!” (via Martha Stewart)

25 Tiny Tassel Bracelet

Tiny Tassel Bracelet25. Tiny Tassel Bracelet (via Maize Hutton)

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