50 Fun DIY Sensory Activities and Toys to Stimulate Your Child’s Creative Senses

1 Epsom Salt Painting

Epsom Salt Painting1. Epsom Salt Painting: Art Activities: Epsom Salt Painting. We have been enjoying simple art activities in the past few days. We did a 1 minute puffy paint art activity, we painted with large vehicles, painted with an electronic toothbrush and many more. All of these art activities are very easy to set up and need only a few things. Continuing in the same line, we did a fun and easy art activity with salt- Epsom salt. (via Kids Play Box)

2 Goo Sensory Bags

Goo Sensory Bags2. Goo Sensory Bags (via Hello Bee)

3 Colored Pasta

Colored Pasta3. Colored Pasta: Colored pasta play! A fun and simple sensory play activity for kids of all ages! (via Where Imagination Grows)

4 Tugging Box for Young Toddlers

Tugging Box for Young Toddlers4. Tugging Box for Young Toddlers: Make your own DIY tugging box for young toddlers. They will love tugging at the ribbons and watching them appear and disappear. Great fine motor activity. (via Laughing Kids Learn)

5 Fun with Kool Aid Ice

Fun with Kool Aid Ice5. Fun with Kool Aid Ice (via Learn Play Imagine)

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