35 Most Beautiful EASY Updo Tutorials

21 Quick Twisted Updo

Quick Twisted Updo21. Quick Twisted Updo: Learn how to create a cute, casual twisted updo hairstyle. (via Parlor Diary)

22 Easy Headband Updo

Easy Headband Updo22. Easy Headband Updo: A fashion blog for women and mothers, accessible, affordable, boho, nerd womens fashion (via Moda Mama)

23 Quick Twist

Quick Twist23. Quick Twist: This updo/chignon was kind of a random discovery for short hair. My gorgeous client Katie, who has a long bob, was sitting in my chair and this happened so we thought wed snap some photos and share since we get a lot of requests for short hair styles! TOOLS: bobby pins, accessory, hairspray. Prep: You’ll [] (via The Beauty Department)

24 Chic Updo

Chic Updo24. Chic Updo: Have we all seen this photo?I see it all the time from brides, bridesmaids, or any other client going to a formal event.Its beautiful.So I used that as a little inspiration for a easy updo t (via the Small Things blog)

25 Top Knot

Top Knot25. Top Knot: When you’re traveling or running to dinner, there’s nothing sexier than twisting (via Cup of Jo)

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