35 Most Beautiful EASY Updo Tutorials

6 Side Bun with Knots

Side Bun with Knots6. Side Bun with Knots: A tutorial showing how to create a low side bun with knots on one side. (via Parlor Diary)

7 Messy Bun

Messy Bun7. Messy Bun: Step-by-step instructions for festive, put-together looks that suit most types of hair. (via Real Simple)

8 Chestnut Bum

Chestnut Bum8. Chestnut Bum: When I got married, I never would have thought of doing my (via Cup of Jo)

9 Braided Twist and Pin Mini Bun Hairstyle

Braided Twist and Pin Mini Bun Hairstyle9. Braided Twist and Pin Mini Bun Hairstyle: I created this braided Twist & Pin mini bun hairstyle to wear to our friends wedding after my hairdryer blew up the power to our villas in Italy. True story. That’s the problem with industrial strength hairdryers when you’re on location. These photos were taken while I was in Tuscany, Italy, for the wedding of…Read More (via Hair Romance)

10 Soft Braided Updo

Soft Braided Updo10. Soft Braided Updo: This soft, feminine updo is the perfect compliment to all of fall’s trends. This style would nicely balance the structure of a peplum dress, the boldness of red lipstick, or the masculinity of a kick ass pair of moto boots. And it’s super quick and easy. Get the step-by-step after the jump. Soft Braided Updo 1. Start by dividing your hair into two sections, using a diagonal part. Make one section bigger than the other. Smooth into two low ponytails and secure with small bands. (via Parlor Diary)

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