35 Most Creative and Useful DIY Fashion Ideas

16 Inspirational Quote T-Shirt

Inspirational Quote T-Shirt16. Inspirational Quote T-Shirt: Make an inspirational quote tshirt! (via A Splendid Assemblage)

17 Lace Ballet Skirt

Lace Ballet Skirt17. Lace Ballet Skirt: * 1 yard of lace fabric …unless you want it longer, then measure appropriately {I had an almost square piece of vintage ivory lace} * Matching thread * (via …love Maegan)

18 Sun Printing on Fabric

Sun Printing on Fabric18. Sun Printing on Fabric: DIY sun printing on silk fabric how-to (via Garden Design)

19 Fancy Friendship Bracelets

Fancy Friendship Bracelets19. Fancy Friendship Bracelets: Remember the days of making bracelets for all of your friends and swapping out on the playground? Even to this day, I still love sharing bracelets with friends. Here is a fun take on friendship bracelets you can keep for yourself or share with your closest pals. Supplies: embroidery floss or thin cord, jewels, jewelry chain, clip board & washi tape (optional), jump rings, clasps. Step 1: Start with 4… (via A Beautiful Mess)

20 Add a Flare

Add a Flare20. Add a Flare: inspiration realisation realization diy fashion blog (via Inspiration and Realisation)

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