35 Most Creative and Useful DIY Fashion Ideas

31 Utility Rope Necklace

Utility Rope Necklace31. Utility Rope Necklace: A couple summers ago, we stocked up on brass washers to make friendship necklaces. A year later, hex nuts became short in supply thanks to the hex nut bracelet. Today we’re all about compression sleeves, which are conventionally used in plumbing but also make for the perfect component for these (via HonestlyWTF)

32 Unique Wedding Banner

Unique Wedding Banner32. Unique Wedding Banner: Hi guys. This is an old DIY project that I shared on Allison’s lovely blog “Dream a Little Bigger”some time ago. I was moving at the time and totally forgot to share it. This tutorial is all about how to make a wedding banner, I made one at my wedding and it was awesome. Don’t forget to visit Allison’s blog, she has the best crochet tutorials ever!! I’ve seen wedding signs painted on wood or made out of paper but for our wedding I wanted something that I could fold and keep with me for many more years and that didn’t take up much space. (via Live Colorful)

33 Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers

Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers33. Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers: Do you know what Ill be doing Thanksgiving night? Ill tell you. ‘Im gonna be rolling through the parks Christmas … keep reading! (via Dream a Little Bigger)

34 Faux Button Back Tee

Faux Button Back Tee34. Faux Button Back Tee: A couple weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to try out some of the products from the new Fashion Art Projects line of crafting goodness from Wal-Mart. The product that I was immediately excited about was the Fashion Decorator. I was a child of the 80s and I maintain a healthy appreciation for studs (via One Little Minute)

35 Wrist Corsages

Wrist Corsages35. Wrist Corsages: Inspired by an Amy Butler design, these DIY wrist corsages are so stinking pretty. Adorable for bridesmaids or flower girls OR you could use them to tie up napkins on guests place setting! Too cute! Materials Strips of Fabric Iron Sewing Machine/Thread/Needle Hot Glue Gun Pretty Strips of Ribbon Instructions 1. Cut a 418 inch strip [] (via Style Me Pretty)

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