35 Most Creative and Useful DIY Fashion Ideas

21 Beaded Flip Flops

Beaded Flip Flops21. Beaded Flip Flops (via TiB)

22 Wrapped in Bows Scarf

Wrapped in Bows Scarf22. Wrapped in Bows Scarf (via Ruffles And Stuff)

23 Modular Felt Coaster

Modular Felt Coaster23. Modular Felt Coaster (via How About Orange)

24 Glitter Heels

Glitter Heels24. Glitter Heels (via WobiSobi)

25 Asymmetrical Knit Sheath Dress

Asymmetrical Knit Sheath Dress25. Asymmetrical Knit Sheath Dress: I love this spin on a traditional sheath dress, and i love even more that it is knit! Just wishing I had my pre-breast feeding boobies to wear with it. I find this would be a perfect date night dreā€¦ (via Cotton and Curls)

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