35 Most Creative and Useful DIY Fashion Ideas

26 Gold Beaded Necklace

Gold Beaded Necklace26. Gold Beaded Necklace (via My Little Secrets)

27 Side-Tie T-Shirt Remix

Side-Tie T-Shirt Remix27. Side-Tie T-Shirt Remix (via Creating Laura)

28 Painted Shoes

Painted Shoes28. Painted Shoes (via While They Snooze)

29 Stencil Text on Fabric

Stencil Text on Fabric29. Stencil Text on Fabric: Have you tried fabric markers yet? I finally got around to it, and they work great. Paired with a stencil (via Wit and Whistle)

30 Washer and Ribbon Necklace

Washer and Ribbon Necklace30. Washer and Ribbon Necklace (via Nestled)

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