35 Project Ideas to Recycle Tree Stumps for Garden Art and Yard Decorations

6 Tree Stump Creations

Tree Stump Creations6. Tree Stump Creations: GARDENING is FUN! Tree Stump Creations by The Discerning Gardener, Ruth T Hill Time for a light-hearted & FUN post! I could never understand people who considered a tree stumpas an eyesore, to be removed (probably by chemical means). Continue reading (via Ruth T Hill)

7 Log Flower Planter

Log Flower Planter7. Log Flower Planter (via Houzz)

8 Fairy Garden in a Stump

Fairy Garden in a Stump8. Fairy Garden in a Stump: As promised, here are some more photos of our magical Fairy Garden Gnome Home that is made in a hollowed out tree stump. Please sign up to receive delightful Fairy Garden tips and special features BONUS : subscribers go into the monthly draw to win special gifts from The Magic Onions Shop. Email Address If you want to read more…click here (via The Magic Onions)

9 Succulents Tree Stump

Succulents Tree Stump9. Succulents Tree Stump (via Kelley Macdonald)

10 How To Make A Tree Stump Planter

How To Make A Tree Stump Planter10. How To Make A Tree Stump Planter: How To Make A Tree Stump Planters: Two Ways, Steps, Instructions, Tools, Pickaxe, Mattock, Drilling, Drain Holes, Soil, Growing Medium, Easy Alternative (via Bombay Outdoors)

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