35 Project Ideas to Recycle Tree Stumps for Garden Art and Yard Decorations

21 Log Planter with Succulents and Sedums

Log Planter with Succulents and Sedums21. Log Planter with Succulents and Sedums (via Simply Succulents)

22 Tree Stump Planters DIY

Tree Stump Planters DIY22. Tree Stump Planters DIY: How to Make Tree Stump Planters. Here’s a practical way to make use of tree stumps – convert them into planters! Go out in the woods and find your tree stump. (via wikiHow)

23 Woodsy Fairy Garden

Woodsy Fairy Garden23. Woodsy Fairy Garden: Woodland Fairy Garden in a hollow log! Girls may grow up, but rarely lose their fascination with creating tiny worlds that let their imaginations run wild. Remember the fashion to create elaborate and detailed dollhouses? Now, our thoughts turn to fairy gardens! Here, Jeanie describes how she made a woodland garden as a fairy habitat. (via Flea Market Gardening)

24 Pansy and Petunia Plant Power

Pansy and Petunia Plant Power24. Pansy and Petunia Plant Power: Pansies and petunias are cascading at a whole new level. In hanging baskets and patio pots the lush spreading color is the rage in containers. The wave pansies and petunias are fast growing and are more vigorous at spreading than most other annuals. (via Edmonton Sun)

25 Tree Stump Planter For Flowers

Tree Stump Planter For Flowers25. Tree Stump Planter For Flowers: You’ve probably at one time or another been stuck with a tree stump or two in the landscape. Why not use them to your advantage? A tree stump planter for flowers could just be the ideal solution. Learn more in this article. (via Gardening Know How)

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