35 Remarkably Easy 5 Minute DIY Projects

21 Marble Shelves

Marble Shelves21. Marble Shelves (via Kristi Murphy)

22 Custom Mat Board

Custom Mat Board22. Custom Mat Board: There are so many techniques to love in the world of design, but one of my favorites has always been when you make a phrase where the letters are made up of a photo. Usually you have to have some knowledge of Photoshop in order to make that magic happen, but today we’re teaming up with Canon USA to show you how to do it yourself with no crazy design… (via A Beautiful Mess)

23 Wore Sculpture

Wore Sculpture23. Wore Sculpture: Be my guest Anthro knock-off wire sculpture (via Life in Velvet)

24 Make Your Own Spring Burlap

Make Your Own Spring Burlap24. Make Your Own Spring Burlap: How to make your own Spring burlap art in 5 minutes (via Debbiedoos)

25 Metallic Duck Tape Candles

Metallic Duck Tape Candles25. Metallic Duck Tape Candles: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this DIY! So easy, so fun and they look fantastic when lit! I created/shot this DIY about 6 weeks ago and have been burning and enjoying these fabulous glam … (via Something Turquoise)

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