35 Remarkably Easy 5 Minute DIY Projects

31 Hair Clips

Hair Clips31. Hair Clips: How to make DIY hair clips in under 5 minutes. With a matching headband in 10. (via Northstory)

32 Hot Packs

Hot Packs32. Hot Packs: 5 Minute Hot Pack Tutorial. Great for pregnancy aches and pains, nursing issues like plugged ducts, as well as gassy babies. (via Rae Gun Ramblings)

33 Make Inkblot Napkins

Make Inkblot Napkins33. Make Inkblot Napkins (via Paper and Stitch)

34 Hanging Belt Planters

Hanging Belt Planters34. Hanging Belt Planters: Got old belts lying around? Make this really quick and easy hanging planter! (via What else Michelle)

35 Geometric Paper Wall Hanging

Geometric Paper Wall Hanging35. Geometric Paper Wall Hanging: A tutorial for creating a fun and colorful wall hanging costing less than $10. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)

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