40 Cheap and Brilliant Dollar Store DIY Project Ideas You Can Easily Make

26 Starburst Mirror

Starburst Mirror26. Starburst Mirror: Head to your dollar store and pick up a circular mirror for this easy DIY that will make any room look better. With the help of wooden skewers and a bit of silver spray paint, this pretty home decor item makes a great addition to your wall collection or (via Popsugar)

27 Use Picture Frames to Make a Terrarium

Use Picture Frames to Make a Terrarium27. Use Picture Frames to Make a Terrarium: Recycle old wooden picture frames with this budget-friendly (and green!) craft. (via Country Living)

28 Organize Classroom Crayons with Popsicle Trays

Organize Classroom Crayons with Popsicle Trays28. Organize Classroom Crayons with Popsicle Trays: Here is a great solution to keeping crayons organized in a kindergarten classroom and solving the issue of not having the right colors on hand for projects. Like organization and finding ways to keep stuff organized? Then this classroom organization tip is for you. (via Teach Junkie)

29 Plastic Elephant Book Ends

Plastic Elephant Book Ends29. Plastic Elephant Book Ends: Our playroom makeover is almost complete, and Im so excited about some of the finishing touches were adding! First we found the perfect toy storage and made adorable chalkboard labels so the boys know where everything goes. Then we added a vintage record wall, herringbone watercolor art, magnet boards, and simple animal artwork to help (via Love Grows Wild)

30 Moss Topiaries

Moss Topiaries30. Moss Topiaries: Come see how to make some simple & pretty DIY moss topiaries for your home (via Liz Marie Blog)

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