50 Completely Awesome DIY Projects

1 Magnetic Daffodil Planters

Magnetic Daffodil Planters1. Magnetic Daffodil Planters: How to create Magnetic DIY Daffodil Planters out of old spice containers! (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

2 Copper Pipe Icosahedron Light Fixture

Copper Pipe Icosahedron Light Fixture2. Copper Pipe Icosahedron Light Fixture: This DIY geometric copper light fixture will make a huge statement in your space, but is simple to make with this detailed tutorial! (via The Gathered Home)

3 Plastic Spoon Rose

Plastic Spoon Rose3. Plastic Spoon Rose: Make your own rose pendant or brooch . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a recycled necklace in under 80 minutes by fusing, jewelry making, and melting with scissors, glue gun, and safety pins. Inspired by flowers and clothes & accessories. How… (via Cut Out + Keep)

4 Rosy Stationery

Rosy Stationery4. Rosy Stationery (via Martha Stewart)

5 Creative Candle Holder

Creative Candle Holder5. Creative Candle Holder (via stahl)

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