40 Cheap and Brilliant Dollar Store DIY Project Ideas You Can Easily Make

11 S-hooks and binder clips as pot storage

S-hooks and binder clips as pot storage11. S-hooks and binder clips as pot storage: Wanted to save space for storing kitchenware. Hanging pots and pans are easy because they have the hole at the end of the handle, but the glass… (via Reddit)

12 Faux Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl

Faux Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl12. Faux Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl: Ive loved seeing a resurgence in the popularity of mercury glass. Its showing up everywhere these days, but true mercury glass can be prohibitively priced. Fortunately, creatives in blogland have figured out a simple technique for mimicking the… (via Before It’s News)

13 Dino iPhone Tripod

Dino iPhone Tripod13. Dino iPhone Tripod (via eat.sleep.make)

14 Burner Cover Magnet Board

Burner Cover Magnet Board14. Burner Cover Magnet Board (via Madigan Made)

15 Shabby Chic Hooks

Shabby Chic Hooks15. Shabby Chic Hooks (via Dollar Store Crafts)

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