40 Creative DIY Clothing Hacks Ideas to Refashion Your Clothes

16 Butterfly Twist Tee

Butterfly Twist Tee16. Butterfly Twist Tee (via Trash to Couture)

17 Slashed Tee

Slashed Tee17. Slashed Tee (via WobiSobi)

18 Angel Wings Cut Out Tee

Angel Wings Cut Out Tee18. Angel Wings Cut Out Tee: A creative way to cut up your tee ???? . Free tutorial with pictures on how to cut-up a top in under 30 minutes by not sewing with scissors, shirt, and pens. Inspired by crafts, gothic, and vintage & retro. How To posted by Judy. Difficulty: Simple. Cost… (via Cut Out and Keep)

19 Ombre Tank

Ombre Tank19. Ombre Tank (via Vita Dolce)

20 Racer Back Tee

Racer Back Tee20. Racer Back Tee (via WobiSobi)

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