40 Creative DIY Clothing Hacks Ideas to Refashion Your Clothes

26 Fabric Flower T-Shirt Refashion

Fabric Flower T-Shirt Refashion26. Fabric Flower T-Shirt Refashion (via Sarahndipities)

27 Puzzling Shirt

Puzzling Shirt27. Puzzling Shirt (via Small Things)

28 Pussy-bow T-shirt

Pussy-bow T-shirt28. Pussy-bow T-shirt: I love refashioning t-shirts. I kinda wish we had started this blog last year in the embellish your tee explosion, because I had so many ideas! (And I made a lot of them, too)Now, with evolving trends, not as many possibilities HOWEVER Inspired by Glees Emma Pillsbury LOVE her style, as well as this Banana Republic(…) (via iCandy Handmade)

29 Necktie Tie

Necktie Tie29. Necktie Tie (via McKell’s Closet)

30 Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse

Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse30. Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse (via Recycled Lovelies)

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