40 DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Your Pet Will Totally Appreciate

11 Crochet Cat Hat

Crochet Cat Hat11. Crochet Cat Hat: How to Crochet a Cat Hat. With these instructions, you can crochet a charming hat for your kitty. Chain 4; Slip stitch in first chain made. This will make a ring to crochet into. (via wikiHow)

12 Menswear Mouse Toy

Menswear Mouse Toy12. Menswear Mouse Toy: Treat a kitty to a game of cat and mouse with a few dapper toys. There’s no mistaking these critters for the real thing — they’re constructed from brightly colored suiting and shirting fabric. (via Martha Stewart)

13 Four Post Pet Bed

Four Post Pet Bed13. Four Post Pet Bed: Steven creates inexpensive pet beds inspired by those found in many retail shops.Four Post Pet Bed Here Steven used a recycled table and transformed it into a glamorous four-poster bed suitable for any small pet. Supplies4 legged side table Melamine paint Fence finials Small… (via cbc)

14 Jingle-Bell Dog Collar

Jingle-Bell Dog Collar14. Jingle-Bell Dog Collar: It’s the time of year for everyone — canines included — to don finery. In this regal, easy-to-sew collar, worn by Martha’s French bulldog Francesca, two rows of silk-taffeta ribbon are pressed into box pleats and stitched in place. Narrower satin ribbon serves as a tie, and its ends are embellished with tiny bells, putting a jingle into the wearer’s step. (via Martha Stewart)

15 Kitty Play Station

Kitty Play Station15. Kitty Play Station: Your cat will dance with joy over this easy-to-make, springy, kitty play station. (via Lowe’s)

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