40 DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Your Pet Will Totally Appreciate

26 Pet Paw Stocking

Pet Paw Stocking26. Pet Paw Stocking (via Adventures in DIY)

27 Granny Square Birdhouse

Granny Square Birdhouse27. Granny Square Birdhouse (via homework)

28 Kitty Corner Cat Play House

Kitty Corner Cat Play House28. Kitty Corner Cat Play House: Build the purr-fect cat house for less than $40 using a concrete form tube. (via Lowe’s)

29 Door Cat Scratcher

Door Cat Scratcher29. Door Cat Scratcher: Here’s a Good Thing for your cat: a homemade scratcher that you can hang on a door knob, mount on a wall, or even place on the floor. (via Martha Stewart)

30 Dog Bowl Holder

Dog Bowl Holder30. Dog Bowl Holder: Treat your pup to a raised doghouse dish holder that places everything within easy reach. (via Lowe’s)

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