40 DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Your Pet Will Totally Appreciate

31 Pet Collar and Bow-tie

Pet Collar and Bow-tie31. Pet Collar and Bow-tie (via Hudson and Company)

32 Frozen Pet Treats

Frozen Pet Treats32. Frozen Pet Treats: We can’t forget about our little friends this summer! They enjoy the sunshine just as much as you do, unfortunately they can get heated pretty quickly. Why not cool them down with some easy to make frozen treats? Your pup will love you a million times more once he gets his paws on this yummy (via The Wonder Forest)

33 Wool Cardigan Dog Coat

Wool Cardigan Dog Coat33. Wool Cardigan Dog Coat: Transform a wool cardigan into a charming dog coat — your furry friend will enjoy the extra warmth. (via Martha Stewart)

34 Wall-Mounted Cat Perch

Wall-Mounted Cat Perch34. Wall-Mounted Cat Perch: Create wall shelves for your feline friend with toy storage and space to bask in the sun or watch birds. Build a small shelf or one long enough to span a window. (via Lowe’s)

35 Feather Cat Toy

Feather Cat Toy35. Feather Cat Toy: What cat wouldn’t love this fun feather toy to play with? Made of wool felt, they’re simple to create. (via Martha Stewart)

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