40 DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Your Pet Will Totally Appreciate

36 Raised Dog Bed

Raised Dog Bed36. Raised Dog Bed: Give your puppy or small dog a little creature comfort with this colorful dog bed featuring decorations that make it a fun addition to any room. (via Lowe’s)

37 Catnip Fish Toy

Catnip Fish Toy37. Catnip Fish Toy: This whimsical fish-shaped toy is sure to become one of your cat’s favorite playthings. (via Martha Stewart)

38 Braided Dog Collars

Braided Dog Collars38. Braided Dog Collars (via LOVEMEBRIGHT)

39 Tennis Ball Toy

Tennis Ball Toy39. Tennis Ball Toy: One of the other fun gifts I got from my mom on my Birthday was some new dog toys! These dog toys are really special though, because my mom made them! Do you believe it? My dad didn’t even no (via Ammo the Dachshund)

40 Upcycled Doggy Leg Warmers

Upcycled Doggy Leg Warmers40. Upcycled Doggy Leg Warmers (via Sew Doggy Style)

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