45 Creative DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Kitchen

21 Painted Bamboo Cutting Boards

Painted Bamboo Cutting Boards21. Painted Bamboo Cutting Boards (via idlewife)

22 Dipped Wooden Utensils

Dipped Wooden Utensils22. Dipped Wooden Utensils: Ive been eyeing some fun colored enameled serving spoons for the better part of a year. When I was out searching for a paella pan a few weeks ago, there were a ton of wooden spoons sitting at the register and I just decided to paint some myself. I just taped my line, used a (via Earnest Home CO.)

23 Etched Wooden Spoons

Etched Wooden Spoons23. Etched Wooden Spoons (via Design Mom)

24 Neon Painted Kitchen Utensils

Neon Painted Kitchen Utensils24. Neon Painted Kitchen Utensils: Learn how to create neon dipped wooden kitchen utensils. (via Sarah Hearts)

25 Painted Wood Spoons and Chalkboard Kitchen Accessories

Painted Wood Spoons and Chalkboard Kitchen Accessories25. Painted Wood Spoons and Chalkboard Kitchen Accessories: Ive been working on some updates in my kitchen, and I’m excited to share these colorful painted bamboo spoons and chalkboard kitchen accessories. I made them using some really fun supplies I received from Plaid. I am thrilled with how they came out, and I love the fresh look and pops of color in my kitchen! (via No. 2 Pencil)

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