45 Creative DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Kitchen

26 Fridge with Chalkboard Paint

Fridge with Chalkboard Paint26. Fridge with Chalkboard Paint: A few years ago, we decided to transform our dark cookie cutter kitchen into a white and bright farmhouse haven. read more (via The Handmade Home)

27 Kitchen Storage Cabinet Makeover

Kitchen Storage Cabinet Makeover27. Kitchen Storage Cabinet Makeover: We have a very old Storage sliding door storage cabinet in our kitchen for storing odd sized utensils that does not fit in our regular cabinet. It loo… (via Instructables)

28 Stylish Kitchen Utensils

Stylish Kitchen Utensils28. Stylish Kitchen Utensils (via mum’s business)

29 Wood Burning Kitchen Utensils

Wood Burning Kitchen Utensils29. Wood Burning Kitchen Utensils: i am always wanting to more DIY’s, but for some reason, it isn’t the kind of post i go to first. i think i get intimidated by all the amazing diy’s you can find on pinterest. it is hard to come up with something original, and let’s face it, i hate to be anything but (via Sun and Glory)

30 Clock Pedestal

Clock Pedestal30. Clock Pedestal (via Homeroad)

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