45 Creative DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Kitchen

11 Painted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Painted Wooden Kitchen Utensils11. Painted Wooden Kitchen Utensils (via The Plumed Nest)

12 Painted Designs Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Painted Designs Wooden Kitchen Utensils12. Painted Designs Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Needless to say, we at nousDECOR adore the rustic look (via nousDECOR.com)

13 Polka Dot Fridge

Polka Dot Fridge13. Polka Dot Fridge: My DIY polka dot fridge with circles punched out of gold contact paper. (via At Home in Love)

14 Wallpaper Decorated Fridge

Wallpaper Decorated Fridge14. Wallpaper Decorated Fridge: Shamalamalamadingdong! I went and wallpapered the fridge. Annnnnnnnd its amazing. I take no credit in this because I didn’t make the stuff, I just stuck in on there, but wow, this is a good thing. A very good thing. I mean, I have a lot of weird and wonderful things in my kitchen but this (via Aunt Peaches)

15 Dress up Your Stand Mixer

Dress up Your Stand Mixer15. Dress up Your Stand Mixer (via hello hydrangea)

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