45 Creative Things to Make with Popsicle Sticks with Tutorials

6 Stick Play Mat

Stick Play Mat6. Stick Play Mat: Its so important to have a good list of rainy day activities for kids in my opinion, especially living in the UK where it rains a lot! Over the last year (via Let’s Do Something Crafty)

7 Coasters

Coasters7. Coasters: The popsicle stick coasters are so cheap and they look great! (via Reciclodina)

8 Cat Craft

Cat Craft8. Cat Craft: Cat craft, leaves, and turkeys. (via Mama Smiles)

9 Bracelets

Bracelets9. Bracelets: Detailed photo tutorial on how to make craft stick bracelets, with three decorating options: washi tape, embroidery thread and paint (via MollyMooCrafts)

10 Fairy Door

Fairy Door10. Fairy Door: Make a wee fairy door, and invite a touch of fairy magic into your garden. (via Danya Banya)

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