45 DIY Projects and Ideas for Beautiful Centerpieces

6 Berries and Nuts

Berries and Nuts6. Berries and Nuts (via My Wedding Reception Ideas)

7 Egg Cartons and Vintage Buttons

Egg Cartons and Vintage Buttons7. Egg Cartons and Vintage Buttons: Learn how to make these DIY centerpieces out of egg cartons. (via Intimate Weddings)

8 Cement Centerpieces

Cement Centerpieces8. Cement Centerpieces: Did you love the cement centerpieces from the Modern Watercolor inspiration shoot we shared earlier today? Katie Pritchard created a fun DIY on how to create your own cement shapes for your wedding! These are great pieces if you’re looking to DIY your own flowers, or if you want a more industrial feel to your [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

9 Glitter Votive Centerpiece

Glitter Votive Centerpiece9. Glitter Votive Centerpiece: Today’s How-To was inspired by real life APW weddings. I spend a lot of time at reader weddings during the summer, and its interesting to see how, even though you guys all have individual tastes and styles, and your aesthetic is usually a pretty far cry from the WIC aesthetic, there are still trends within APW weddings. The funny part is that, of course, the APW trends are usually nothing like what you’ll see in glossy magazines or mainstream wedding media or even on Pinterest. Because what ya’ll are making is so cool that you’re way ahead of the curve (via A Practical Wedding)

10 Rustic + Refined

Rustic + Refined10. Rustic + Refined: These past few weeks have flown by, and it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us. Since I spent the last few days packing a week’s worth of work into Mon – Wed, I’m setting aside all of to… (via Camille Styles)

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