45 DIY Projects and Ideas for Beautiful Centerpieces

36 Watercolor Vases

Watercolor Vases36. Watercolor Vases :By Carly Taylor Spring weddings should be easy to enjoy with pretty flowers taking center stage. These painted glass vases will give your tables a subtle design edge with even just a few floral stems. Collect many different glass vases from thrift stores, left over bottles, etc. Purchase a couple of water-based paints in the colors of your choosing. (hint* you can even bring an item or fabric into the hardware store for them to matc… (via Project Wedding)

37 Gold Leaf Vases

Gold Leaf Vases37. Gold Leaf Vases: Creating and maintaining a website can be complicated enough, without the stress of ensuring there are opportunities for people to spread the word. Simple Share Buttons allows your visitors to share your content with ease, and you as a provider to offer the service worry-free. (via By Wilma)

38 Rainbow Centerpiece

Rainbow Centerpiece38. Rainbow Centerpiece (via Papery & Cakery)

39 Glitter Feather Centerpiece

Glitter Feather Centerpiece39. Glitter Feather Centerpiece: This feather centerpiece is stupid cheap, is easy, can be made in advance, and can be modified a million ways to fit your decorations. (via A Practical Wedding)

40 Heart Branches

Heart Branches40. Heart Branches (via Alisa Burke)

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